About me

I’m Foo-Manroot , (on Github and most places on the internet), a Computer Science Student. I’ve almost finished my degree, so I though that I could share my knowledge (about CS-related themes) with the world.

I’m very interested on cybersecurity and my main goal is to work as a pentester or something similar (red team stuff). For the moment, I just like to complete the challenges on sites like HackThisSite or id0-rsa; and participate on CTF competitions. By the way, if somebody wants to create a team or looks for members, just contact me (info is on the footer) and I’ll be happy to colaborate.

Also, you can check my profile on keybase: image/svg+xml Foo_Manroot

About the blog

The main topics on this page will be revolving around cybersecurity stuff; but maybe some posts will have different issues… who knows?

On the other hand, aside from the normal posts, there’s a section dedicated exclusively to my personal projects, where I explain in detail their characteristics.

This blog is made with jekyll / jekyll. You can find the source of this page on my Github.