These are some links of other blogs and some resources that I think that may be useful for anybody who wants to go deeper on the topics I talk about in this blog (SDR, CTFs, or whatever).


  • Collection of different projects and news regarding SDR and other HAM radio topics. This is a good starting point to introduce yourself in this world, as there are a lot of ideas for side projects, tutorials, tips… There’s also a store where you can buy hardware and there are alsdoo you need according to your goals.

  • Blog of a well known Spanish researcher who has a deep knowledge on the technical side of radio communications (I think he’s a telecommunications engineer, which I am not, hence my lack of knowledge on the matter XD). I’ve attended to his talk in the RootedCon X (2019) and I think he did a pretty good job both at the technical level and at the presentation.

  • (SPANISH only): Blog of a guy with whom I coincide in some Telegram groups regarding SDR hacking and similar stuff. His posts are quite interesting and I recommend to take a look at that site.